I offer discrimination prevention trainings that are custom designed for your company. In advance of the training, I discuss with you any particular issues or problems. I conduct the trainings at your place of business. My fee is $4000 for a two hour training.

The training can be for one or 670 depending on your company’s needs. I am very interactive with the employees with much discussion. I have never had anyone fall asleep in one of my training sessions. One of the benefits of an interactive process is that it uncovers issues that you may not be aware of and which can turn into potential problems.

Topics include:

  1. What is discrimination?
  2. The history of discrimination laws
  3. What is discrimination under Title VII?
  4. What is sexual harassment and a hostile working environment?
  5. What is the Family Medical Leave Act, and how can it be violated?
  6. What is considered legal retaliation?
  7. Age Discrimination and Disability Discrimination
  8. What is the interplay between workers compensation laws, the FMLA and the ADEA?


Topics include:

  1. How supervisors must be pro-active in preventing discrimination
  2. How to investigate harassment or discrimination complaints
  3. What to do if an employee reports discrimination but asks that you not report it
  4. How supervisors can create liability for the company if they fail to properly report discrimination
  5. How supervisors can prevent lawsuits by their actions
  6. How to handle difficult employees
  7. What to do when an employee performs but has a bad attitude
  8. How to properly document disciplinary actions
  9. How to write employee warnings
  10. How to handle employee favoritism in the workplace
  11. How to fire problem employees and what not to say when you do fire
  12. And much more …

Others are saying:

“Ms. Cotropia has been very helpful and responsive over the years regarding our employer related issues. Time and time again, she has guided us to successful resolutions to our personnel matters.”

Randle F. Rose
Vice President of Administration, McGrath RentCorp

“Bravo Ms. Cotropia! Your workshops are smart, informative… and funny too!… worth every penny… you’ve saved us hours of headaches and thousands of dollars… thank you!”

Linda P. Bell, JD, BSN, RN
Director Legal Affairs/Managed Care, The Gulf Coast Center