Welcome From Mediator Carla Cotropia

I began my legal career in 1980 and tried my first sexual harassment case in 1983. After years of litigating, I began to notice that many cases could be prevented (or at least made less costly) if there had been intervention earlier.

In 2000, a federal court judge appointed me as a mediator on a civil rights case, and I loved it! This changed my direction, and I began to focus on mediations instead of litigation. My motto is: A good mediation is one where everyone leaves happy.

I Mediate All Types Of Cases

At , based in Houston, I mediate employment cases, school and education cases, governmental and municipal law cases, commercial disputes and many other types of cases. As a longtime employment law attorney, I am board certified in employment law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

My goal for mediation is to get your case resolved. Because I love people and I love psychology, mediating is one of my favorite things.I look forward to mediating a case for you soon. Please see my resume to learn more about my experience and qualifications.


Carla holding her vest

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