Great Results In An Exceptional Location

The right environment can make a difference. We know this is true when it comes to our offices, our living spaces and our private and corporate events. In the same way, an exceptional meeting space will serve as the backdrop for a successful mediation session.

At Cotropia Mediations in Houston, I offer my clients more than an outstanding track record as a mediator with more than 37 years of legal experience — I offer extraordinary mediation rooms full of character and class. I am known for being able to solve serious problems through mediation, and I am also known as an excellent host.

Get ready for a pleasant surprise. See photos of the beautifully themed, meticulously designed spaces that are available for your next mediation.

Contact Me

Talk to my office to discuss your mediation needs or to get your next session on the calendar. I offer full-day and half-day sessions at my 3 Riverway space in Houston, Texas.

For your out of town guests, the Omni Hotel is conveniently located and is within walking distance of the office. For more information, contact the Omni Houston Hotel located at Four Riverway -713-871-8181.

Conference Room

Galveston Conference Room

Island Conference Room

Front Lobby