Attorney Carla Cotropia

I have been conducting investigations for governments and companies for the last twenty years. I began training companies on how to conduct lawful investigations in 2002. I have an ability to interact with witnesses to determine the problem and advise a course of action. My knowledge of psychology and my ability to relate to people, help me conduct fair and objective investigations. Because I have a background in governmental law, I am frequently asked by governments to investigate complaints and even to determine what is causing unrest in entire departments.

I also conduct in-house employee mediations. Companies and Governments hire me to resolve internal disputes when tensions between employees are starting to interfere. I meet with the employees and explore with them how to communicate better and we work on resolving the tensions and disputes.

I am asked to investigate and advise human resources departments concerning employee problems. I recently testified in federal court, as an expert witness, concerning a recommendation I made from my investigation. We were successful at trial.

In October 2016, I was asked by the City of League City to investigate an ethics charge against the Mayor. After my investigation was made public, the Galveston Daily News ran an editorial praising my investigation. The Editor found my investigation was “a bright spot” and found something good from a “mess”. The Editor wrote “The only smart thing that happened in the whole affair was hiring Cotropia to look into it.” “The best thing about the report is Cotropia’s clear, objective assessment of what’s really wrong with governance in the county’s fastest-growing city and her reasonable recommendations about how that could be corrected.”

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