Taking Steps to Settle Cases, Two Sneakers @ at Time!

In 1999, a Federal Judge asked me to mediate a case. This began my love to mediate. My byline is Settling Cases Two Sneakers @ a Time because I mediate in sneakers. The reason for this is I am actively doing whatever it takes to settle a case. When I was a trial lawyer, I didn’t want a mediator that was just a messenger between the parties. Anyone can do that. I wanted someone that could figure out what the cases could be settled for and then help the parties reach a settlement that everyone is happy to do. A good mediation is when everyone leaves happy. It is also very important to me that the parties are treated with respect and that the process is a positive experience. I am a “dog with a bone” in that I don’t give up. Even if the case doesn’t settle the day of the mediation, I will stay actively involved at no additional charge. I am a Super Lawyer in Alternative Dispute Resolution, a member of the Association of Attorney-Mediators, a Credentialed Distinguished Mediator by the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association, Board Certified in Labor and Employment Law and a neutral for the American Arbitration Association.

As a trial lawyer for 20 years, I tried every type of case from personal injury, civil rights, employment, school law and commercial litigation. I have intimate knowledge of specialized areas, such as FLSA, Civil Rights and Trade Secret and Non-Competes.

I have a completely new office for my mediation (courtesy of Hurricane Harvey) with comfortable conference rooms, vintage touches and unique art. I provide a good hot meal from Post Oak Grill and homemade brownies courtesy of my Mom

You can contact us by phone at 713-225-0547 or via email at [email protected] to schedule an appointment. You can also schedule an appointment on our calendar