September Newsletter

Carla’s thoughts for the month

This month I am sharing an article on James Altucher who claims he only owns 15 items. I am no where near that, but it makes for an interesting read. I also get to share my blogs on My Latest Irritations and how I let Candy Crush take over. One more month of heat and we are home free until next year. Here’s to our first Northerner!

My Latest Irritations

1. Automatic faucets in bathrooms. For some reason I never put my hands where they need to be because they don’t come on

2. People that back into their parking spaces. What gives? Are they planning on robbing a store and need to make a quick getaway?

3. Drivers that drive too slow and/or don’t know where they are going.

4. Comcast. I recently had a 20 minute argument with a Comcast representative that tried to tell me I didn’t have an account. Never mind that they draft my account every month.

5. Verizon. They can’t explain why my cell phone drops calls in my house. Even though I live in a dense commercial area, they want me to believe that the service is “sketchy” there. Verizon’s exact words, “Though Verizon has the nation’s best network, there are small pockets that experience these kinds of negative connections.” BS!!

6. Whoever invented the game Candy Crush since it is as addictive (at least to me) as nicotine. With my luck, probably as dangerous to your health.

7. Check-out counter workers that are on their cell phones and don’t care that the line is a mile long.

8. Anyone that writes a check, instead of using cash or a credit card, when checking out. I know I am being a curmudgeon about this, but no one has time to wait in line while you write a check. And don’t you dare impede the progress by recording your check in your check register. AWHHHH!!

9. I know this is going to date me but why do restaurants have to be so LOUD? The new look for restaurants is to make the décor minimal. This way the sound is amplified, not to mention making the space cold and uninviting.

10. People that talk too loud. I admit I am being picky, but please, not so loud. I don’t need to hear your conversation when you aren’t even talking to me. Tone it down please. So that is my current list. I could go on and on with this but I wouldn’t want to come across as a grouch. Which makes me think of one more thing that irritates me-people who never gripe.