Why is Comcast Trying to Drive me Crazy?

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Why is Comcast trying to drive me crazy?

If you want an example of a company that needs an overhaul on how they deal with their customers, let me tell you about Comcast. Recently I decided to switch my home internet from AT&T (because it was slow) to Comcast. Little did I know what aggravation was in store for me. When I called Comcast, they couldn’t have been friendlier. I knew better than to install it myself, so I paid extra to have the technician do the installation. No problem says Comcast, we can have the technician at your house the next day.

The next day the technician Philip showed up, just as promised and installs the internet. The only problem was within one hour the internet went out. Somehow Philip knew and came back and messed around with the connections. Philip says, “Here is my phone number. Just call me if you have any problems. I will come back if you need me.” This was the beginning of the lousy treatment I would receive.

The internet promptly went out later that evening. So, I began calling and texting Phillip. Guess what? No Response! After numerous calls to Phillip over the next two days I went back to the drawing board and called the main Comcast number. This time instead of cheerfully agreeing to be out the next day, it was going to be the following Thursday. After talking to two supervisors that was the deal. So now I am one week without internet.

The Wednesday night before the appointment on Thursday I got an automated call from Comcast. The robo call said I needed to DO NOTHING to confirm. As my boyfriend would say, “Wrongo Bongo!”

Thursday arrives and I am anxious to get my internet back. Never mind that I have to stay home from work. Then catastrophe strikes. My cell phone rings. I run to the phone but by the time I grab it, it has gone to voice mail. I listen to the voice message and because I didn’t answer the phone, my appointment has been cancelled. Frantically I phoned Comcast back. You cannot return the call but have to go back to the drawing board with the main number. I am hitting the zero key repeatedly trying to get a human being. When I get one I am told that there is nothing they can do. Because I didn’t answer the robo call, the appointment is cancelled. Too @@@@ bad.

After a complete meltdown and talking to three different supervisors, I get an agreement for Comcast to come back the next day. The following day, I am paranoid that I am going to miss that robo call and get spit back into the endless cycle of Comcast hell. Being nervous as hell that I will somehow not be able to answer, I keep my cell phone in my hand. Finally, ring ring, I stab the phone and answer it. Sigh. I made it. Next is waiting for the Comcast guy to show up, and he does and allegedly fixes it. He (name Terrence) assured me that he would answer my calls if I had any further problem. Wrongo Bongo number 2 but who is counting now. The internet stays up two hours then it is gone. After calling Terrence numerous times, and I do mean Numerous Times. My thinking was I could harass him with calls and that would prompt action: Wrongo Bongo number 3.

Now I am forced to go back to the drawing board, back on the robo cycle of Comcast hell for another appointment. I am now going on two weeks without the internet, I have begged, screamed, spewed, ranted and raved and I don’t think it made one damn bit of difference. I think Comcast treats its customers so shabbily that the people on the line get screamed at constantly. I bet they have a school where they go so they can learn how to listen and not care when customers have meltdowns. Actually I need to find out where that school is so I can go. Comcast has sent me in a maddening spin. Maybe it is time to go back to the slower AT&T. At least they don’t make you crazy about missing a robo call that will cancel your appointment.

Comcast, if you are going to make us answer a robo call, can’t you give us a grace period of five minutes to call you back? Is that asking too much? For you I guess it is. We need more competition in the cable/internet business……