Alyssa Perez

alyssa perez

Now presenting twin accounts of legal assistant extraordinaire, Alyssa Perez.

Alyssa, According To Alyssa

Growing up, I never knew why I couldn’t see. So, I started working in the medical field, assisting optometrists. (Turns out I needed glasses and contacts!) I did a lot of appointment scheduling for doctors, which was incredible preparation for Carla’s calendar.

In college, I discovered that biology classes weren’t my thing, but business and legal classes were. So, I joined the Paralegal and Legal Studies Program at Blinn College and graduated with my associate degree and paralegal certification. Following that, I wanted to study more law, so I transferred to Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, where I got my bachelor’s degree and minored in law studies. By night, I’m now a graduate student in business administration with a concentration in accounting.

Some more about me:

  • Born-and-raised Houston Texan.
  • Active committeeman volunteer at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo since 2015.
  • I’ve been married for two years. My husband Martin and I met while we were volunteering at the Houston Rodeo, and I’m helping him raise his coolest-of-all-sons, CJ. He’s the smartest 5-year-old (going on 50) and loves karate, YouTube, Sonic The Hedgehog and Oreo cookies!
  • We love to camp out on the river in our RV. Martin and CJ love to hunt, fish, and hike and I enjoy picking out their outfits and packing the snacks!

I’m always on the go and enjoy hosting mediations, both in-person and online. We’re in the age of technology and I love being able to help everyone get connected and assist Carla with any computer issues. It’s important for everyone to be comfortable. Carla does a great job with that and I love to help her! We’re the perfect team!

Alyssa, According To Carla

I have had many assistants over the years, and I have to say Alyssa is the rock star. She’s effervescent and personable, and her steady calm handles any computer issues that crop up in our Zoom mediations. My clients love her! Are they choosing her rather than me when they call? (Anonymous surveys available.)

Alyssa is accessible all the time—we have that in common—and is quick to respond when someone needs mediation dates. She also is a “neatnik” which means even our fridge is orderly. (This is especially important since I am addicted to Topo Chicos. She keeps all the Topos lined up neatly.) Alyssa is an important part of my mediation practice and I am very lucky to have her on my team!